1. March 2022

Brands under the microscope: I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS

I.D. Swiss Botanicals is a disruptive new brand in the world of skincare, growing at neuronal speed by placing the science of neuro-cosmetics at the centre of its DNA.

“Constantly reminding customers how much their overall condition affects the quality of their skin, and that combating daily stress can be as (more?) effective than traditional skincare products they usually apply, has become a habit for us.”

Philippe Papadimitriou, Head of Sciences at I.D. Swiss Botanicals.

Located on the fertile shores of Lake Geneva, the young company has strategically established itself in an environment that allows it to fully benefit from the natural wealth of the surrounding area, direct and privileged access to laboratories, scientists, innovation and Swiss know-how, in order to explore the emerging field of neuro-cosmetics. Founded and led by a disruptive CEO, Cedric Rimella, the company aims to harness the full potential of natural ingredients with unique neuro-active properties to improve the health and appearance of the skin. The brand’s promise is to explore botanicals for topical and oral use, combining them into effective applications that can be suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

The first ingredient adopted by the startup is cannabidiol. More commonly known as CBD, its properties have been used for centuries, but the true potential has only begun to unfold over the past decade, as the study of the recently discovered endocannabinoid system (ECS) has progressed rapidly. The brand has even decided to invest in its own plantation, offering the most natural, traceable and stable supply of cannabidiol at its fingertips. A short drive along the memorable gardens of the Lavaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, gives a sense of the origin and scope of the inspiration at the heart of the project: with a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva and the Mont Blanc massif as a backdrop, surrounded by thousand-year-old slopes supporting a rich viticulture, the company is betting on revolutionising the understanding and use of neuro-cosmetics. 

The brand was born during the pandemic and the timing could not have been better: confined populations subjected to permanent uncertainty and growing economic pressure have quite naturally and at the very least developed signs of stress or anxiety, which have often manifested themselves in the state of the skin. As Cedric often explains to all his speakers, the skin is the largest of our organs and its link to our brain is indisputable: our skin is both the receptor and the signalling device for our state of mind. Exploring this correlation has become the mantra of the international team of experts assembled by I.D. Swiss Botanicals.

Brain / skin, skin / brain, this permanent dialogue is the very foundation of I.D. Swiss Botanicals and the creation of a very targeted range of natural and minimalist products combining cutaneous and oral use for a better absorption of neuro-active ingredients. Their basic routine consists of a powerful serum with multiplied effects thanks to elixirs to be deposited under the tongue, all complemented by day and night creams. In 2022, the I.D. Swiss Botanicals brand will bring sophisticated products and routines to the market that further strengthen its mission.

Focusing on a “skin minimalism” strategy, limiting the list of ingredients to the most effective ones serving a 360 degree approach to skin treatment, the startup offers its products throughout Europe through online as well as traditional retail sales channels.

While the focus is on products, I.D. Swiss Botanicals is also committed to information, education and inspiration. Self-proclaimed “SERIOUS REBELS”, the team not only tackles exciting topics such as the brain and hormonal balance. The creation of a digital magazine called Neurocosmetic Magazine is one of the pillars of this strategy: to make the current state of science and its progress in the field of neuro-cosmetics available to everyone in a neutral way thanks to a dedicated, rich and entertaining content. Their various feeds on social networks also reflect this image. The startup is thus positioning itself as a reference and wishes to rally the interest of the public by making them aware of these exciting topics.

I.D. Swiss Botanicals is also benefiting from the growing global interest in the field of neuroplasticity or neuroactive ingredients, as demonstrated by the number of online searches or questions related to the subject on Quora for example, which are also growing exponentially. Neuro-cosmetics, as proposed by the startup, are also making their way into the mainstream media, with major titles such as Vogue or Marie Claire relaying the message, supporting and reinforcing in Switzerland, France and the rest of Europe what the I.D. Swiss Botanicals team sometimes calls the neuro-cosmetic revolution.

It’s been just under a year since the company launched its first products, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping there. Indeed, the ever-evolving skincare range is full of new promises based on effective new neuro-active ingredients that will quickly expand the range and create or improve skincare routines.

Philippe Papadimitriou, Head of Sciences at I.D. Swiss Botanicals, is in charge of both the development and exploration of new ingredients, as well as working on the creation, monitoring and improvement of scientific research projects related to the products and their efficacy as well as the more fundamental field of neuro-cosmetics. One of the objectives is naturally to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the products in the skin care routine, all through the best possible dosages and uses of our active ingredients.

Although cannabidiol is currently the dominant ingredient, all the ingredients used by I.D. Swiss Botanicals are full of interesting plants such as alpine pine, kakadu plum and many others, which are only used in such a way as to preserve all the active principles.

Always on the lookout for new products and solutions, the young startup is actively working with the best Swiss laboratories in order to take advantage of the latest innovations in active ingredient delivery. The CBD Beauty Complex, based on nanotechnology, is the star technology highlighted by I.D. Swiss Botanicals at the launch, and will soon be complemented by the CBDVectorS, a revised and improved version, which will bring even more efficiency to the range of products marketed by the young brand. I.D. Swiss Botanicals seems to combine everything one would expect from an emerging player in the cosmetics industry: namely a great agility in its organisation, a relentless focus on naturalness, while relying on scientific foundations and the latest technological innovations in the sector.  This is certainly the company to watch in the years to come!

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