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Did you know that the brain and skin have the same embryonic origin? Skin and brain form at the same time on the 21st day of the embryo, with the outermost part of the embryo – the ectoblast – giving rise to the nervous system and the epidermis.

  1. Interview

Cedric Rimella, CEO of Babylon Sciences

Entrepreneurship with the will to move the boundaries requires disobedience.

Cédric Rimella
  1. Brands under the microscope

Brands under the microscope:
I.D. Swiss Botanicals

I.D. Swiss Botanicals is a disruptive new brand in the world of skincare, growing at neuronal speed by placing the science of neuro-cosmetics at the centre of its DNA.

  1. Brain deciphered

Your brain

Episode 1

Inside the brain of Fanny Leeb, artist and singer. By Philippe Papadimitriou, Head of Sciences.

  1. Neurocosmetics experience

The immersive neurocosmetic experience x Fanny Leeb

Discover and listen to the neurocosmetic experience. It will allow you to relax and feel the full power of neurocosmetics on your skin and mind.

Be with us the
neurocosmetic revolution!